Gandaki Province Seed Act, 2080
fruit nursery management eastablishment and operation guideline, 2080
Integrated Procedure on Budget and Programme Implementation, 2077
Seed (Second Amendment) Act, 2079
Seed Production, Supply and Management Directives, 2078
Based on the amount of seed production, cash subsidy program operating criteria, 2077
Seed business registration and monitoring directory, 2073
Guidelines for approval, release and registration of seeds, 2073
Seed production and management directives in the private sector, 2073
Seed Certification Directives, 2074
The Seed Act, 2045
Guidelines for the operation of seed testing laboratories, 2074
Procedure for collecting seed samples, 2073
Long-Term National Vision of Seeds (Year 2013 – 2025)
National Seed Policy 2056
Seed Regulation, 2069