Title Published Date File End Date
Indigenous varieties of paddy crop registered in Gandaki State in 2078 2078-11-12 Continuous
Details of maize, cucumber, cowpea and beans seeds tested by laboratory, production year 2077-78 2078-10-23 Closed !!!
Format of application for permission letter for root/source seed production 2078-10-16 Continuous
Documents required to obtain permission letter for original seed production at private and non-government level 2078-10-16 Continuous
Information about Seed Source Offices of NARC 2078-10-16 Continuous
Details of availability and resources of maize root seeds for Gandaki State 2078.79 2078-10-16 Continuous
Signal Management Training in Seeds Arnakot, Baglung 2078-09-11 Closed !!!
State Level Balance sheet Seminar 2078 Paush 09 2078-09-25 Closed !!!
Listed crop varieties and varieties omitted from the list 2078-09-25 Closed !!!
Compiling seed sample 2078-09-21 Closed !!!
State-level Balance sheet Seminar 2078-09-14 Closed !!!
Source and quantity of paddy seeds based on seed sample testing (FY 077/78) 2078-02-04 Closed !!!
Notice regarding submission of proposal for cash subsidy program 2077 based on seed production quantity 2077-06-30 Closed !!!
Standing Crop Farm Inspection Report 2077-04-12 Closed !!!
Filling up a prior information form for standing crop field inspection 2077-04-12 Closed !!!
२०७६/७७ मा गण्डकी क्षेत्रमा रहेको धान बालीको उन्नत स्तरका बीउ उत्पादकको सम्पर्क विवरण 2077-01-20 Closed !!!
Notice on Quotation Acceptance 2076-08-19 Closed !!!
Application for cash (incentive) subsidy program based on seed production 2076-08-12 Closed !!!
Information regarding the operation of cash (incentive) subsidy program based on seed production 2076-08-12 Closed !!!
Call for Seed Room Chamber and Guard Room Maintenance Related Quotation Submission 2076-07-24 Closed !!!
Crop varieties that have been listed and removed from the list 2076-07-03 Closed !!!
Notice inviting people to be enlisted for purchase of pick-up (vehicle) through catalog/brochure shopping method 2076-05-05 Closed !!!