Various research and studies have already proved that the productivity of crops increases by 20-25% with the use of the quality seed. This lab was established in 2036/37 in the industrial region of heatuda to ensure the production of quality seed along with seed production with the tag in various districts of the central development region. After the reformation of the state, the government of Nepal is divided into the central government, the provincial government, and local bodies. In the constitution of Nepal, all the agriculture production and its management activities are handovers to local bodies, and all the activities related to agriculture and livestock production are handed over to the province or different associations of government. so, after the restructuring of the state, this lab was again established in 2075/76 where the regional level seed lab was changed in province level. This lab is considered as the main government organization in the province level in the sector of seed management whose main work is crop inspection and seed test. Despite this the lab was established to give advice and suggestion in the sector of seed production, to draft the policy, procedure, and directory and to submit it to the ministry of land management agriculture and cooperatives, to do an assessment on quality seed and source required in the province and also to make the availability of quality seed in affordable price to the farmers in the required amount.