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Title Published Date File End Date
Notice for Agriculture Technician Recruitment on Contract 2080-06-24 Closed !!!
Notice for Agriculture Technician Recruitment on Contract 2080-06-24 Closed !!!
3 days seed sales and distribution training 2079-11-10 Closed !!!


fruit nursery management eastablishment and operation guideline, 2080
Integrated Procedure on Budget and Programme Implementation, 2077
Seed (Second Amendment) Act, 2079
Seed Production, Supply and Management Directives, 2078
Potato Seed Production Technology Book
Wheat Seed Production Technology Book
Rice Seed Production Technology Book
Presentation by Seed Quality Control Center at Seed Balance Sheet Preparation Conference
Presentation by the Seed Laboratory at the Seed Balancesheet Preparation Seminar
First Five Year Plan of Gandaki Province 2076/77-2080/81
Agriculture and Livestock Diary
Nēpālamā hālasam'ma unmōcana ra dartā bha'ēkā prakriyābāṭa sūcita bha'ēkā 83 bālīkā 709 jātaharū
Racial characteristics of different crop varieties for seed production in Gandaki region
Proactive Disclosure fiscal year


Technical Section

  • Registration and record keeping of the seeds acquired for testing
  • Data keeping of standing crops of seeds
  • Sample collection, storage and inspection of processing center for the purpose of seed certification

Financial Administration Section

  • To keep account of the appropriation revenue and deposit of the office.
  • To prepare monthly and yearly progress report.
  • To manage the daily administrative of the office staff.
  • To manage the goods of the office.